Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mermaid Costume

This year Vanessa wants to be a mermaid for Halloween. I researched a patter that fit both of our needs. Mine to be easy to sew and for her to wear and for Vanessa it needed to be fabulous. I found one at ikat bag that I liked. (if you sew at all for kids, read the story it's cute). I modified it to make it suite Vanessa better and no parts to loose.
As you can see, Vanessa is beaming! It's in her colours. I like the yellow and she the pink and the sparkly. She can wear the tail long or hiked up so she can walk. Now we have to make it warm enough for trick or treating outdoors in possible snow or rain.
Vanessa went to her first school dance. It's a family Halloween event. Vanessa and her Daddy went. They had a blast. As per usual, Vanessa takes after her mom and spent all night dancing in the front with a great friend of hers. There were snacks sold as fundraisers and lots of lights and music. Vanessa showed off her costume and her moves.
Vanessa came in excited about her evening, went into her room and straight to bed. It was so fast that I thought she had hoped into bed with her costume on. Not to mention it wasn't on the floor. I checked under her covers and she was in fact in her PJs and her costume was HUNG UP! omg.

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