Sunday, October 27, 2013


Yet another surprise. We got Vanessa's report card and she's doing really well in Art. I think Vanessa's awesome but she couldn't draw a stick figure when she went into Kindergarten. She just couldn't be bothered. School has really peaked her interest in drawing and painting etc. Hailey on the other hand has always loved it. She has imagination and focus.
With all that we decided it time to give them a little more freedom to their craft supplies and make them a table they could do it on. They already had a cute table but it was to small for both of them to sit at. Basically it was the size of 2 open colouring books. We liked the chairs and the table was sturdy so Eric built another table top to lay on top. I had bought chalkboard paint for another project and never used it so we coated it with that. (the jury's till out if that was a good idea).
This table is big enough for about 6 kids to craft at. The girls love it and have been chalking on it, painting and stickering. I've even had the two neighbours over to paint with the girls. Now I just need somewhere to display they're pride and joys.

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