Sunday, October 27, 2013

Invasion of the Mega Blocs and Lego

Friday morning I took Vanessa to do some testing/playing at MegaBloks. She had the day off and Hailey was at school. It was something new to do. I didn't know what to expect since Vanessa said she didn't really want to go and she hadn't played with them since she was a toddler. Once we got there, we found out that it was for Hello Kitty and Barbie sets. Oh boy. Her interests was peaked then. We walked into a room with half a dozen kids with employees overseeing/helping/encouraging/taking notes on their builds. Vanessa dove straight in with both feet. There were ikea like instruction books with bloks and more. I should have know this was going to be a hit. Vanessa followed the instructions very well. She was so smart that she even oriented her board in another direction to the instructions and still got it right. She happily build for over and hour and a half. Once she was done, they gave her a huge Hello Kitty house to build. It's laid out on the dinning room table now. She's worked on that for about 3 hours today and still has more to go. Friday she built the Barbie scooter. Except these pieces are small! flowers smaller than thumbtacks. cute and all but they're flying everywhere. Vanessa and I aren't known for being organized. So last night to save my sanity, I cleaned the basement and found a nice container for them.
Now for the Lego. We went to a 4 year old's birthday party. It was lots of fun for kids and adults. I'm happy to see people really do low key birthday parties for kids. It had a Lego theme with crudites, pizza and brownies. Can't go wrong with that. The kids kept themselves busy and played nicely. The girls party favours were Lego kits. Just fitting with Vanessa's new thing. Mostly Vanessa builds them and Hailey assists.
All that to say, I never thought I'd be looking at how to store Lego but I love that she loves them.

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