Monday, October 21, 2013

Hailey's turn

With all this talk about Vanessa, I thought I'd feature Hailey now. She's a big girl now. She rides a pedal bike without training wheels. All thanks to her balance bike and a shiny new nieghbour. Our nieghbour was checking out Hailey on her balance and like us saw that she had the skills to ride a pedal bike. What she was lacking is motivation and nerve. She had seen Vanessa fall many times this summer after learning to pedal her bike. It wasn't pretty but Vanessa always got back on.
One day I went to drop Vanessa off at a party and I came back and Hailey was riding a bike! The bike was her friends and way to big for her so she couldn't stop. Her teacher, the nieghbour was running laps with her while she rode. Yes, he's been called superman. My little three year old was grinning from ear to ear when I arrived.
The bike that was waiting for her was too small and didn't give her the leverage to push. We asked around and a good friend of ours offered to loan her a mint condition princess bike. Oh my! there was no turning back after that. That afternoon she learned to stop safely and her big sister played her part and tough her how to start off. Vanessa is so very proud of Hailey and brags about how well she's doing and how fast she learned. OK. so now I figure you want proof eh?

Now that you've been WOW'd by her biking, I'm now going to tell you she can right her own name. I verbally spelled it out and she wrote it like a pro. Funny how she knew how to right all the letter but I had to tell her the l was just a line. It's so cool. Call me crazy but she watched the same alphabet movie twice while sick yesterday and I'm sure she got the confidence of her letters from there. Very small upside to gastro. YUCK!
I drew a street for Hailey to build a village around it with blocks. I guess Pamela and Vanessa were tired of being micromanaged with the blocks so they joined in to help her colour.

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