Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just Blog!

So much is going on these days. Vanessa and Hailey keep surprising me. Vanessa got her report card back and she's improved a lot over the last year. She's starting to focus on her work, reading, and she's doing well in art. Art! Vanessa? who'd a thunk. It must be with the new skills she's learned to focus that's enabled more craftiness. Hailey and Vanessa are getting a crafting area. I'm going to try and be more zen about crafting and let them at it more. Hailey really enjoys it and it seems so does Vanessa.
Vanessa went to the hardware store with Eric this morning. For the ride in the car, she brought a "sketch pad" and said she was going to design a dress. I wonder if she's expecting me to produce it.
We've been watching Master Chef Junior. The girls are loving it except they've never watched something so intense. The girls are so invested in the show that they bounce around while things are heating up. Vanessa has opinions on who should leave or stay. I've learned that I really need to facilitate Vanessa's desire to cook and bake. There are 8 year olds cooking much more advanced than I. They have knife skills, timing and very sophisticated pallets. So we started last week, she made me dinner. Scrambled eggs and toast. It was just the two of us so there was no distractions or rush. It was delicious. Soon I'd love her to plan and cook one meal a week. She's filled a cart at the grocery store from her list so we're building the blocks.

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