Wednesday, May 01, 2013


What a hot day today. Vanessa came home with the urge to use her new pedal skills.  We got the girls bikes and helmets out and were ready. Vanessa got to the top of our street and decided it was too steep. She walked the bike down to our house to try the less steep section got on and rode off. Since it's a very new skill,  had her try her brake. Check! She kept going down the hill and started to panic an kareen down the hill with her legs flailing.  We screamed to break but she couldn't. She got to the bottom,  crossed the street and ran into the grass. 
I ran down to her and she was really shaken.  Her chain had falled off! Since she back pedals to break... Surprisingly, she had only a few scrapes so I cleand her shin and put on a band-aid. She  cooled down on the swing.
Grandpa heard her story and came to the rescue.  He fixed the bike by moving her wheel back which tightened the chain.
Vanessa got right back on and rode down and back up the hill like a champ.  She's inspiring.

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