Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring has sprung

This morning Eric got up and decided it was time for the gazebo to go up. He was determined. He enlisted Vanessa to help him out. She did a great job and it went up without any issues. Hailey and I milled around. She played and I cleaned and made lunch.

After lunch Hailey attempted a nap and she tried but she just wasn’t settling down. Who could blame her? It was gorgeous outside and Vanessa and Daddy were home. I got her up and she went out to also find Grandma and Grandpa getting out the summer tires. Eric got Hailey and Vanessa’s pedal bikes all set up with the seats adjusted and the training wheels off. The girls both have balance bikes. Instead of pedals they just scoot along with their feet. Hailey is a pro on her bike and goes as fast as it will let her. Vanessa was ready to try a traditional pedal bike. We went down to the track in the middle of the town to try it out.

While getting everything out and setting them up with knee pads and helmets, Vanessa just got on her bike and just started pedalling. It was as if she’d been riding all summer. It was so effortless that  I missed it. She was so proud of herself as you can imagine. We did a couple of laps and went to MJ and Ron to show off. Grandma, Grandpa, Christina and Pamela were also there to cheer her on.

She was so smug when I pointed out that others were on the track practicing and she said,”but they have training wheels”.

This is great for everyone. More bike rides to the park and less in the car. I can’t wait to tell her we’ll ride to Sparks.




  1. So sweet! My six year old just learned to ride a couple of weeks ago and I'm still kind of amazed.

  2. Thanks Korinthia! They never cease to amaze me.