Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vanessa, the teacher’s aid

Yesterday, Vanessa had the day off. We had planned to drop Hailey off at pre-school and head to get our hair cut. When we got there Vanessa helped Hailey settle in, not that she needs help, and took off her own jacket. Hailey’s teacher saw that and assumed Vanessa was staying for the morning. She asked where Vanessa’s lunch was. At first Vanessa was too shy to stay, but I knew that she would love to be the big girl on campus for the morning. I convinced her to stay and she shared Hailey’s snack and lunch. Hailey was thrilled to have her big sister around. Vanessa’s already talking about doing it again.
We went home and Hailey had a good nap while Vanessa hung out. We had dinner and went to the park. We love spring and can’t wait to bring our dinner to the park.

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