Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stop! or I’ll say stop again!

Hailey’s starting to say all sorts of this. It’s always a riot to here what she’ll say first. We’ve got Mama, Dada, more, all done, door, apple, shoes and Grandma.

We were at the loft the other day and my mom went to the bathroom. Hailey screeched, Grandma, over and over like a pterodactyl. I said,”where did she go?” Hailey responded with, “Door.” Very true.  To bad Grandma was in the bathroom and missed all the excitement.

Vanessa’s so proud of her little sister. We went out to some dear friends for dinner and she boasted,”Hailey has 2 new words.” So much fun. Vanessa’s very good with her sister. She tries to play with her and teach her things. I just wish she’d stop carrying her around but not to worry. Hailey is starting to fend for herself.

Ohhh back to the title of the post. Today I was yelling at Vanessa to stop since she was running in the parking lot. Hailey shouted right with me. That sure caught Vanessa attention. Poor Vanessa. Hailey can’t say your name but she’s already barking orders at you. 

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