Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is coming!

I told everyone that we weren't having a Christmas tree this year. Our house isn't that big and our children are lousy at following rules like don't touch the tree. Every time I said it I felt worse and worse about depriving my eldest of Christmas magic. I bought her a small tree for her room but that didn't seem to illicitness the excitement it should.
The other day I saw a tutorial, which of course I can't find now, for making a felt Christmas tree. It gave me a great idea to improve upon.
We took a rectangular piece of felt and cut it diagonally to glue together to create a perfect triangle.
We glued them to a piece of coroplast. This gave it structure and a place to put the lights.
I had bought two strings of lights at IKEA but they're also at the dollar store that come with a batter pack. That makes it safe for little ones and the tree can go anywhere.
We layed out the lights on the back and marked where the lights fell. Drilled holes from the back and poked the lights through. This allows us to have more surface to put the ornaments and the messy wires are hidden.
The trunk of the tree has the two power packs with switches taped on solid.
We cut out the ornaments out of felt. I used a cookie cutters to trace my ornaments but Vanessa freehanded it. They stick on their on their own and do not require glue or velcro.
As the week goes on, we may add more or embellish the ones there. The girls enjoyed playing with it today and moving them around. Christmas is about the kids and I was happy to see them playing with their tree.

I hope this inspires someone. We're having lots of fun with it.

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