Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sewing Projects

I’ve got the sewing bug. I’ve finished 5 projects in the last couple of months. Some with help and some on my own. I’m loving sewing. I get a sense of accomplishment when the project is done. I’m able to focus only on one thing. I crave a large sewing room one day.


This is the first piece of clothing that I’ve ever made. It was easy for me because there was no pattern. It was more like a plan, and some instructions I can follow. I found it free off a blog.  It was great and took me an evening from start to finish. That’s awesome for a beginner like me.


This is a pattern I found that I was so excited to make for Hailey. It looks cute. The pattern said,”Very Easy.” It LIED. Talk about false advertising. I started it by myself but got stumped pretty fast. I called my M-I-L and she came over to give me a few pointers. 5 hours later we were mostly finished. It’s gorgeous but easy it was not. I’m also glad I made a smaller size because it’s huge on her.


Since summer is here, we plan to spend a great deal of it at the sprinkler park and pool. Hailey looks ridiculous in disposable swimmer diapers. They hang down to her knees. I really wanted some cloth ones but had trouble with spending 15-20$ each. Realistically she needs 3 pairs. A blog I was reading posted a tutorial on making them. They looked easy enough. I bought the material and set out on my merry way. I needed a little help putting the elastic on but after I made the first one I made 3 more. To find out that they were a little big. I had enough to make 4 more smaller ones for this summer. Fewf. All in all I made 8 swimmer diapers for 30$. The other day we went to the sprinkler park and Hailey load tested them in 15 minutes and they work great. I’m very sorry Hailey’s not in these to see. You’ll have to wait for that.


See that bathing suit top. It’s sweet and good for the long hours in the sun. I also bought a pair of board shorts to match in the same size but they’re huge on her and won’t stay on. Old Navy doesn’t sell lycra bottoms so I thought I’d make some. I used an old pair of Vanessa’s underwear and cut them up to make a pattern. I was warned that bathing suit material was very difficult to sew so I figured I’d have to make a few pairs to get it right. I got really lucky and this was my first attempt. I’m glowing with pride and Vanessa loves them.

The last thing I made was very practical. We go through 3-6 face clothes at the dinner table a day and they never really make it downstairs to the laundry room. I made a mesh laundry bag to tie to the back of the high chair for dirty ones. It’s not pretty but it works.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour. Thank you for listening to me gloat. I think my next project is swim hats for the girls.

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