Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post about Pride

Hailey’s growing by the second. She’s signing the words; more, all done, milk and eat. She knows what’s important. Her first word is bapffffff. (she says while blowing raspberries) and now she’s saying done but you’ve got to know. She talks to you like your suppose to know what she’s saying. She has a few favourite toys. The stacking cups, school bus with weebles, and a pop-up toy.

Most recently she’s been trying to walk. I’ve seen her take 10 steps but she’s still really cautious. It’s fun to watch because she loves to walk back and forth between people and her last step is always a giggle and pitch herself at the receiver.

Hailey loves the backyard. She can sit in the swing for ages and let me sing to her. She can push the doll stroller around the grass. She climbs up the stair case and stands at the top of the slide but is still too chicken to slide down. She’ll go down with Vanessa holding her.

My poor sweet child has finally doubled her birth weight at 18 1/2lbs. She’s strong and active but still loves both her naps. We could do without the ear aches. She’s being followed by an ENT  but I’m hoping she’ll grow out of them soon. Over the winter months she was getting 1 to 2 a month. Although she’s a trooper it’s rough on her.

She’s been diagnosed with an egg and nut allergy. I’ve settled down since the news but it’s still frightening. I’m now carrying an epi-pen which I hope to never use but that’s unlikely. The egg allergy she will likely grow out of. does not include things that are baked with eggs in them. It’s with things like mayonnaise, scrambled/fried/poached eggs and some pancakes since they’re not brought up to the same temperature. Right now we’re staying away from all nuts but this week she’ll go for blood tests to be more specific. 

This loving child will crawl up to perfect strangers to hang out with them or sit on their laps usually for much longer than she’ll sit with me. SmileShe crawls around our Mothergoose group making friends. I’m thrilled she’s so sociable.

I’ll take a current picture when she’s better from her vaccinations…

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