Sunday, May 08, 2011

1 and 4

In March both of my girls had a birthday. Hailey turned 1 and Vanessa is 4 whole years old. It was over a week of celebrating for Vanessa starting off with a party with her friends. She had two friends from school and two family friends. We made pizzas and ice cream sundaes. The kids had a great time. It was low key. Just the way I like things. Every couple of days there was another birthday surprise. She had cupcakes at school, they sang to her at the cabane-a-sucre with school, there were cards and surprises in the mail.

The Saturday after we had a large family party for both girls. My girls are spoiled rotten with love, adoration, attention and that week with gifts. I know they return it all to me two folds and I hope the same holds true for the rest of their family.

We were thrilled their great-grandmother was there and met Hailey and my nephews. The living room has never felt so full. Hailey received a few gifts of clothing and toys and Vanessa had the year of the dresses. She was excited to open up 5 dresses. She’s a little hard to buy clothes for but she’s into dresses and they’re easy to fit. She also got her first bike!

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