Sunday, January 09, 2011

All flat

Last Monday we had a little a little bit of an adventure. That morning I had to walk over to Canadian Tire to have them fix the flat on the van. Eric had pumped it up and drove it there before leaving on the bus to work.

Christina came over to hang with the girls so I wouldn’t have to take them. They took the tire off and patched it and sent me on my merry way. I came home and had breakfast nursed and put Hailey down for a nap because I was……Heading out to Funtopia with Vanessa to meet friends. I roped Christina into staying while Hailey napped.

We had a fantastic time there. It was a little busy but the girls got along famously. Vanessa was relatively low key and tried to show the girls the ropes there.

We went to our van and found the tire flat again! I called CAA and they came with in 30 minutes. The guy wasn’t able to put on the spare to get home because he couldn’t get it off the car. He said it must be stuck so he inflated it and I prayed all the way to our CT which is about 5km. I called Christina and told her the situation and said that there was minestrone for her and Hailey to have with bread. I would be home as soon as I could.

At CT they had a look and told me the tire needed to be replaced. Hmmm. but that it was under warranty and would only cost me the taxes and balancing. Yippy Oh and by the way I was going to be refunded since I wasn’t suppose to pay earlier for the first fix. Even better. They gave me money back, fixed the tire and I was on my way.

Vanessa was great! She lived in the moment and soaked all this newness in. (oh TV in the car came in handy) She started asking for candy while at the garage of course. It was 2:30 and we had not had lunch so I indulged her and we split a kitkat.

We got home and Christina had just put Hailey down for her second nap but Hailey wasn’t happy about it. She was thirsty. I have never been away from her for 5 straight hours. I nursed her and she had a good nap and Vanessa and I finally got our lunch.

PS: no more minestrone soup for Hailey for a while. The beans woke her up 3 times during the night.

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