Thursday, December 23, 2010

School Christmas spirit.

Last week the families of Vanessa’s school were treated to a small Christmas show. They had been practicing to French songs for a while now. It was really cute. You can see for yourself in the video later. I’m always impressed with her teachers. A girl’s bells broke and Vanessa’s nose fell off her mask and she didn’t miss a beat. Vanessa participated but was watching the other kids. Her friend B actually gave her a small nudge. She was too busy looking around and making sure Hailey was happy.

Hailey had a Fudge-O with Lifejacket incident. The story goes… When I was a toddler, I was handed a Fudge-O on the boat and proceeded to cry. I couldn’t get it too my mouth because of the bulky lifejacket and my short arms. Well…I got Hailey all set up in her booster seat so she wouldn’t crawl around while I recorded. I gave her some toys and she was happy for one song and started crying. I looked over and realized that I didn’t uncover her hands so she couldn’t play with the blocks. That was an easy fix and she had a great time after that.

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