Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas is coming…

It’s funny how Christine and I are stay at home mom’s and our children are similar in age that we don’t see each other more often. We talk on the phone very regularly. Well I talk she listens. :-) Now that the kid’s activities are slowing down for the holidays we met up yesterday. They came over to play in the very fresh fluffy snow. I opened the back door with shovel in hand. It was too deep for the kids to walk in. I took Vanessa which was all dressed up and threw her into the snow onto her bum. Plouff. giggle giggle giggle. I asked Kieran if he wanted to be thrown. He replied with a big smile, “Wanna go weeee!”. They had a blast together. I got to throw them over and over into all the fresh snow I could find. I could focus on Vanessa since I had put Hailey down for a nap. Kieran kept rejoicing,”Playing in snow!” They came in for more fun and lunch. Home made pea soup, carrots and fresh bread. Perfect after playing in the snow. Almost as great as hot chocolate. Eh Vanessa?


We’re sending out our first mass Christmas Cards this year thanks to Shutterfly. The cards are beautiful even though there’s a typo in them.(all my fault) At least everyone will have something to laugh at. Vanessa helped me with the first 20 or so. Writing a V for her name and drawing Christmas balls and placing animal stickers. She also stuck the mailing labels on. What fun. Ohhh did you see that? She drew something! Christmas balls and coloured them in very carefully. I think 5 very lucky random people got drawings. Look how serious she is. Very careful to not make a mess with the marker. Oops there’s a little preview of our card.


This week was the first time Vanessa came to me very proud to show me that she drew something. It was two smiley faces. Too bad I can't keep it since it was with the aqua doodle. She loves smiley faces. She asks all the bill checkers at Costco to draw one. They almost always comment how cute she is and draw one. Vanessa knows how to work it. Until now she’s not shown interest in drawing or colouring or using pencils so I’m really happy and proud of her.


  1. Is there something Christina's not telling us?

  2. Anonymous8:00 am

    Christina, where did you hide your kids?