Monday, December 06, 2010

Where did that come from

I know we’re into the second week of December but this amount of white stuff was wasn’t in the forecast. It looks very pretty outside but sure is nippy. I brought Vanessa and Hailey out to play in the backyard. The snow was nice and fluffy but blowing around. The girls seemed happy to play. It’s fun for Vanessa to have a built-in playmate. She pulled Hailey in the toboggan around and around her playhouse outside. They were both happy with this game.

I took a few pictures but since it was dusk they’re not great but you get the idea.


I’ve made a short little video. Worth watching until the end! Watch out for your ears as Vanessa hits the high notes.

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  1. So cute - thanks for sharing. It's not much warmer here.