Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve preparations.

Most of the presents got wrapped last night and the beans got started for the baked beans. Wow is that a long process. They better be awesome. Next time I’m trying it in the pressure cooker. I also put beets in the other slow cooker. I’ve never tried that either but they smell nice. Vanessa was eager to help but I couldn’t bear beet juice everywhere. She LOVED making orange juice. Since we got some free at IGA I let her make herself a glass. Ohh. 1/4 cup from an orange. Tomorrow we’ll make more since it was fun.

We tried to make snowflakes but Vanessa got impatient with the scissors because you have to cut through a few layers. Colouring was better but short lived. She’s getting dressed which is code for playing in her room. I’m good with that since Hailey’s on her 3 hour nap.


I’ll try and post some pictures of the beets on the plates. I can’t wait to try them and all the other wonderful goodies. My sisters made some sweets so it’s all covered.

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