Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Craft space

Even though I have 2 daughters, I never thought I’d be buying a pink and purple table. Vanessa’s favourite colour is  blue and that makes my life really easy. Most things come in blue. I found an awesome table for Vanessa in blue and red and green. I had very specific criteria for this furniture. It needed to sit 2 people, a rectangular shape that fits in the corner of the kitchen and under the counter, and have a fair amount of storage. I’d like her to use the table for crafting and leave the very small dining table alone.

I found something that looked perfect but was only available in the U.S. I can get around that but it’s a pain or expensive. I had lots of trouble googling for these items. One last ditch effort and I found that had some on sale in their online outlet. I wonder how soon I’ll have to paint it. I was thinking of applying chalkboard stickers to the top.


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