Thursday, November 11, 2010

cross your fingers and hope it lasts for a while

This post is to remember the good days. I’m a little afraid to jinx myself but  it’s worth noting. Hailey is finally starting to kick her cold. This morning we didn’t have to clean out her nose. Horrible process but very effective. She stops coughing for the day after that. Hailey’s aging beyond her years. She clears her throat like an old man who smoked most of his life. For the past couple of days she’s only woken up once in the night. 

As for Vanessa, she’s started to settle down at home a little. She’s been playing with toys alone, reading books alone and asking to be read to. The biggest thing though is she’s showing a small interest in colouring and doing activity sheets. She gets frustrated easily and says she can’t do it but at least she’s at the table with pencils and crayons in her hands. Her time out moments are getting fewer overall. I’m not counting the minutes until her quiet time in her room. Sigh of relief.

Let’s enjoy this time while it lasts.

Yesterday we cleared out the kitchen of all the chairs to sweep the floor. I put Hailey in her high chair to watch us tidy up. Vanessa wanted to sweep the floor herself so in self defence I gave her the broom and left the room. Vanessa “swept” the room and talked to Hailey about getting ready for a party and when N, the friend of the week, comes over what we’ll do. Apparently when they come over we should serve pea soup. It was delightful to listen too. I didn’t risk recording it because the moment would have been ruined.

This week-end swimming has been cancelled so Christine and Tim took this opportunity to invite Vanessa to their house for a sleep over. Sssshhh don’t tell Vanessa. We’ll tell her on Saturday as we get ready to leave because she’ll be so very excited and has no concept of time so we’ll hear about it every couple of hours until then.

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