Sunday, November 07, 2010

The disaster

Yesterday after our fabulous time at the park and some snacks, I made Vanessa some lunch. I reheated one of her favorites of Shepherd's Pie and she dropped it all over the floor which is unlike her but an accident most likely. I finished reheating my dinner of apple roast pork with potatoes and corn and shared it with her. Nice of me I thought and she chucked it on the floor also possibly an accident but Vanessa is not one to through food on the floor not even as a baby. She wouldn't want to waste any. After loosing 2 meals I sent her for a nap with no food. I know it's evil but I NEVER punish her by sending her to her room so she knew I meant business and I knew she wasn't all that hungry. She hung out there for over an hour but naps are a thing of the past.
Hailey and I got to eat in peace. Ahhh....

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