Sunday, November 07, 2010

Facebook Status

Here's a few things I've posted on Facebook over the past week.

I'm loving this new Chom FM show.

Wow! Me Mom on the radio!

I told Vanessa she could go watch TV but I wasn't turning it on

Sssshhhh the girl who dumped two lunches on the floor is quiet in her room. She's potentially napping

With this ear ache Vanessa got off easy. She fell asleep no problem and is still sleeping at 8:30 am. (We did keep her up until 10pm)

Vanessa's watching Fantasia and loving it despite the scary bits and that there's no dialog.

‎&^%* ear infection #3 since sept... poor baby.

Vanessa is so not herself that she was watching the tv on the music channel. I felt for her and changed it to Disney.

Ahhhh!!!! I got a new computer chair.

I can't believe I just bought Vanessa size 6 pants.

YYYYUUUMMM. Just made home made Spiced Hot Chocolate. Who needs to go out now. It will be better when we have homogenized milk in the fridge next year. ;-)

Vanessa saw a flowing sparkly dress and asked if she could have it. I said no but then there was," But it's for my wedding!"

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