Saturday, November 06, 2010


This morning the girls and I met up with Kieran and Christine at Parc National du Mont-Saint-Bruno (not quite what I called it growing up) It was a gorgeous morning. Just above 0 but no wind and really sunny. I was glad that Chris suggested it and I got off my but to go. Every day we see Kieran and Vanessa growing closer. So much fun! The played in the wet park for a while. Vanessa was wearing her rain pants which was a blessing and a curse. On the one had she was warm and dry but on the other she went down the wet slide with great speed and fell on her butt hard. She got over it fast but insisted I catch her the next time. Kieran was wearing absorbent corduroys so he didn’t go as fast but seem to be just as warm.

Although we could have with the warm sun, we didn’t stay for lunch. Instead we all went home for some wishful naps. Wellllll the only one napping today is Hailey. I found that out when I called to invite Kieran for dinner.

Kieran did come for dinner and we all had a good time. The food was very low key. We bought a cooked chicken and had home made bread and carrot sticks with it. Kieran was not sure what to make of eating at our house so I don’t think he had more than 5 bites. Vanessa didn’t take any prisoners. She even tried to steal Kieran’s plate when she noticed he wasn’t going to eat it. Hailey did pretty well for herself too. She had shephard’s pie and squash with a blueberry dessert. It was the first time she inhaled the blueberries.

Kieran and Vanessa had a bath to kill time mostly and we tried to read some books but Kieran was too distracted by the fact he was in Vanessa’s room with all these new toys and that Hailey was downstairs. We went downstairs and they played for a while until they started fighting over toys. Vanessa asked many many times if Kieran could stay for a sleepover but we told her it would have to wait until he was older.

I took the two older kids for a walk. Kieran didn’t make it down the street before he was out but Vanessa whined and whined for 20 minutes and fell asleep for the last 10. When I got back it was time to take Kieran home and meet his parents. Eric moved him into the car fast asleep.


I had the pleasure of putting to bed a child that had a cat nap and was wide awake……

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