Wednesday, November 03, 2010


To start off Hailey is putting on weight. She loves her solid food so much that she put on 1 pound in a month. Fewf. I went over to the breastfeeding clinic with Hailey and Vanessa. It was a little bit of a nightmare. Hailey was happy to be there with all the other babies but Vanessa was all over the place. I would have stayed there a long time but I didn't have the patience for Vanessa since she was high on candy from a morning Halloween party and there were goodies at the clinic. Next time I'll sedate her or give her my iPod to watch videos. Same thing. That's unless someone wants to take her on a Friday afternoon. :-)

Vanessa’s trick or treating went pretty well. She got a little freaked out by some of the mildly scary bits but loved the candy. She was a princess at school and her playgroup but a monkey trick or treating. Sorry no monkey pictures. She found a strawberry one and told us we should return it. I told her, “Daddy will eat it.”


Super Baby: Able to sneeze big bubbles and drown you in drool and love.

Vanessa is having more and more good days but she still sure knows how to get into trouble. She’s playing by herself safely in the basement. I’ve learned a trick. She really likes to listen to music and we have a children’s music station on the TV. I turn it on and set the TV to turn on a show much later. She’s playing for long periods of time and we’ve finally locked down the things she likes to get into. We went to Walmart with her walking holding on the cart today. I see other parents take much younger children why can’t I? I only lost her once for about 10 seconds. Apparently she had found her wedding dress and wanted to show me. Before you ask… I forgot to get her fiancés name.

Eric has the girls to himself Monday evenings while I’m at AquaFit. This week he dressed the girls in matching PJs and took pictures. The range of emotions tells me it’s time for bed. If you see Vanessa has railings on her bed which she doesn’t really need but it’s nice now for Hailey. Keeps her out of Vanessa’s choking hazards.

If you’re following along, we got our car back and a new GPS was delivered from Costco. It’s a newer model with lifetime map updates for less than we paid for the old one 8 months ago. Ahhh technology sure doesn’t keep it’s value.

The weather outside has dropped pretty dramatically. Saturday evening it snowed while we were at a lovely party at Glenn and Heather’s with friends and their family. Vanessa through snow balls before getting into the car. This week has been pretty dry but cool. Eric has ridden his bike all week and he’s worn all his warm bike gear. He tried to tell me he wants a baklava or something making odd gestures to demonstrate. It was fun to watch. He really wants a balaclava or just a face mask to add to his scull cap that goes under his helmet.

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