Thursday, October 07, 2010

A night at the club.

We went over to Glenmore for their open house. Tim plays there so they were there too. Vanessa and Kieran tired each other out by running laps around the couches screaming their heads of with glee.

Hailey wore THE curling shoes and Vanessa wanted her own pair. Vanessa wore them and then Kieran and now Hailey. They look like they should be hung up on the rear view mirror. Vanessa loved the club and going out on the ice but we won’t be going back on the ice until she brings a helmet. She got a nice goose egg from falling on her head but no permanent damage. I tied her hair up and she looks so sweet. Tim barely recognized her as she whizzed by.

We all had lots of fun and look forward to more evenings where the cousins can hang out. The older they get the closer they are.

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