Friday, October 15, 2010

right now

oh boy what a week. It's Friday but not the end of the week. Eric's work schedual is all over the map. He'll be working both days this week-end. I hope the weather improves because today was awful outside. 50 km/hour winds with rain and pretty chilly. We stayed inside all day until we went to pick Eric up at work. He took the bus in so to come back he'd need to wait for 3 buses in this crap so I felt sorry for him. Hailey and Vanessa have lousy colds. Hailey's having trouble sleeping and up 4 or 5 times a night so we brought the swing back out. Vanessa's handling it much better.
I think tomorrow we'll be getting out the snow suit. Vanessa's might need lengthening and Hailey will start wearing it soon although it's really warm but I don't have anything in between.
On a positive note I should be going out to a Mom's night out and possibly a book club. They're reading Pride and Prejudice which is a little heavy for me but I saw that the library has it on audio book. I find that easier to manage. I got through Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy that way and loved it. It's easier to follow and makes multi-tasking possible or maybe getting out for walks.

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