Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hailey is 7 months

I can’t get over it. Hailey is 7 months old. She’s lively and loves to move. Munchkin loves food come dinner time she can wolf down dinner but she can take or leave breakfast. When she’s getting full she grabs onto the spoon to feed herself.

She used to sleep through the night but that’s a thing of the past. She gets up frequently but her cold is mostly to blame. She gets up nurses and goes back to sleep. Sometimes she gets her nose cleaned out. Ohhh she LOVES that. *sarcasm*


Hailey could play in Vanessa’s hair and giggle menially all day long. She can stand at the musical table and rock it. I see her bobbing in her stroller to the music in the stores. 


  1. Christina8:41 pm

    Wow, Vanessa looks so grown up in the picture on the floor.

  2. Does Hailey work hard at laughing or did you mean maniacally tee hee