Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gorgeous Day

We had a little bit of a rough morning. Vanessa was uncooperative at best and Hailey refused to eat. I finally got our scheduals sorted and we went out to play in the park. It his 19C today and very sunny afternoon. Vanessa played and played and played until she had to take off her fleece to play some more. Hailey went for her first park swing while her big sister pushed her. "Giggle, Giggle, Giggle” Vanessa and Hailey also went down a slide together. It was awesome! Amazing to think of the things they’ll be doing together in the spring. I tried to take some nice pictures but I got these.


This was one of those springs but it was big enough for pre-schoolers.PA270023

Trust me. Hailey LOVED it!

This park had some cool stuff we’d never seen before.PA270028



Relaxing with her foot up.


1..2..3.. GO


Vanessa looks like a witch’s daughter trying out her spells. Smile! there will be candy

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