Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've been busy. There's a fellow blogger who designed a baby swing. It's really simple but fantastic. I really wanted to make one for Hailey. She's a great sleeper but requires constant motion through her naps. This swing is portable and can hang in most door frames and some trees.
I talked to Jo-Anne and asked to buy one of her 5 sewing machines off of her. She said yes but after having looked at the two she was willing to part with she decided they were too heavy and required a lot of regular upkeep. I said, "ohh that's too bad". She then very very generously offered to buy me a new one. She said I needed a nice basic machine and I agreed and thanked her.
A week later I went over and she gave me said machine. After working on industrial machines my whole life, I was surprised to see what features "basic" gave you. I can do button holes and buttons, embroidery and patching along with 70 odd other features. I was excited to have a new hobby of my own.
I brought it home and made Hailey's swing. It went very well.
I posted these pictures on Facebook and someone actually requested to buy one. She hadn't even seen Hailey's live. We agreed on a price and I went to work on hers and one for Nathan, Paul and Murielle's son. The projects went smoothly and I loved working on something of my own in the evening. I gave my friend, Anne hers and she has since sent me a message that her daughter was sleeping in it. Awwwwwe. Today I met Nathan and gave them theirs. I hope they get as much use out of it. They seemed very pleased with it. If they get lots of use out of it it was totally worth it.
Only one issue with this new hobby. Currently, I've been working on the kitchen table. This doesn't work for our family. It requires me to work only when Vanessa is out or sleeping and I have to clean up each time. When the renovation is done, I should get a small fold down table to work on in our bedroom with a small shelving. It sounds pretty exciting. I can't wait.


  1. It looks great, way to go!

  2. Did you end up having any safety concerns with this?