Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Past your bedtime Hailey

Tonight was one of those rare occasions where Hailey was awake at 10:30pm and happy about it. Cooing and smiling at least until you put her to bed. At about 9:30, Eric took her for a walk in the stroller at first she cried and then she's thought, "This isn't so bad but I'm not ready to sleep." (giggle, giggle) Eric walked for an hour and came back with a very happy and alert baby. She was thrilled to be awake and get attention but I pulled out the heavy artillery, my Momma Kangaroo. I rapped her up tight against me and took her for a walk. I'm not sure she was awake to see the next house on the street. I walked around the block for good measure and came home and put her straight to bed.
I really need to bring my iPod and go for a longer walk. She won't mind if since she's sleeping.

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