Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Potty Training, Renovations and More…

I'm exhausted! Things have been eventful in the past couple of days. (let the ramble begin because I can't think straight)<div>Vanessa has been having very few peeing accidents since we took her pull ups away (except for nap/bedtime) and none in the last week but poo was a different story. I didn't know what to do. I kept her in underwear to incourage her and give her the power but she still refused to use the toilet. One day last week I had it all timed that she would need to poo and the signs were there so I sat her on the potty in front of the TV. She sat there happy for 20 minutes. I went upstairs to get my phone and when I came back there was poo on the floor directly in front of the potty. I was really discouraged at that point but didn't change my routine because I didn't really know where to go next. It was all up to Vanessa. I went online for help and found a book. It hurts when I poo! The reviews were amazing. Suppose to be the cure all for Vanessa's issue. It's a story of a boy with the exact same issue and how they resolve it. It goes through the mechanics of it all. I went to Indigo and they were sold out so I went online and bought it for cheaper. It arrived on Friday. We read it two or three times that day to her insistence. She went to Christina's for the day on Saturday and Vanessa asked where poop came from. Christina was lucky enough to have to explain it all to her. We read the book a few more times and the next time she went poo on the potty. I was so extactic! Her reward/bribe was chocolate on a stick (fudgesicle to you and I) which she got promptly and for breakfast the next morning. She hasn't gone back since. There might be a few more accidents but we're done with the 18 months of potty training! Awesome! The light bulb went off.

In other news... we're renovating the bathroom and the closet in our bedroom. Eric's been working really hard with lots of help from my dad and Tim. My mom has been helping out with Hailey and Vanessa. Today was a turning point. We're done demolishing and are ready to put things back in. We're relieved to have very little mildew. It was only around the the tub spout. We figured it was all around the tub behind the wood paneling and in the sub floor but we saw nothing. Eric is feeling much better about the project. Studs have been put up and most of the electrical has been run. It's getting it's own circuit with our closet. We'll be adding more plugs and lighting than before and this new run won't be in aluminum wiring. </div><div>We've been sleeping in the living room since our bedroom is "the war room". I've been trying different sleeping options since our bed didn't fit down the stairs. I'm hoping the bathroom will be done before the bedroom but that's ok as long as it all gets done. Eric is off for two weeks and I'm crossing my fingers for it to be completed by then but there are no guarantees. </div><div>Tonight we went over to Jo-Anne's for showers. I got to bring Hailey and Vanessa and bath them and I. It all went pretty well until Hailey lost it. When she does that, there's no turning back. Cut your losses and go home. She either needs a walk or to be put in her swing. A car ride might work too as long as it's only highway. Lately I've been dreaming of long car trips to Ottawa where Hailey sleeps and Vanessa watches a movie. </div><div>Time has been flying. Vanessa's finished school and we're starting day camp next week. I'm really looking forward to it. The program is run outside for 6 weeks where the councillors run activities 3 whole days a week. The parents are require to attend and are responsible for their safety. I've heard it's well run and I'll be able to sit back and enjoy watching Vanessa play. It's a nominal fee for the whole time for the entire family. We already know 4 of the kids that will be there.

Hailey is growing really fast. She's still a fast nurser and long stretches between. She doesn't getting agitated when she's hungry but if she's tired watch out! You better have a way to help her sleep. She likes walks in her wrap and her swing. Sometimes a walk in the stroller or a car ride works but it better by highway driving. She's very alert these days which is lots of fun. She loves to lie on the floor on her back and look up at smiling faces. She doesn't really like to be cuddled but would prefer to see the world. </div></div><div>Playgroup year end party and shopping tomorrow. Sprinkler park on Friday with friends. This week-end we watch Pamela run and have the last swimming lessons.

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