Monday, March 15, 2010

the good, the bad and the ugly!

It's been rough the last two weeks. I'd been reluctant to post because all I could manage to write about was complaints. Except now I've got some fun stuff and I want to document all the harder stuff.
Two weeks ago I started a cough. It turned out to be one of those coughs that keep you up at night and force you to sleep in all sorts of strange positions. I was coughing about every hour through the night for about 3 nights. I spoke to my obstetrician and she told me I could have cough syrup and that helped a little. I finally was getting a handle of the cough and I got gastro. It was really mild. Eric had just had it with little issues. Although since I was sleep deprived and pregnant, it benched me for the day. One day's pretty good I thought.
This week was Vanessa's turn for both the cough and gastro. We had a few rough nights and some short fuses during the day. We took Vanessa to the doctor Thursday to find out her lungs are fine which is awesome but she does have an ear infection. I'm glad we went but she got much worse on Friday so we cancelled her birthday party. Of course Saturday morning she woke up almost healthy!! After a week of restless nights and no naps for Vanessa, she is sleep deprived. Since my parents had been exposed to Vanessa during the week, they through her a birthday party on Saturday. Low key is what we all needed. Vanessa thought it was the best birthday. Her birthday expectations were simple. She wanted cake, streamers and hats. She got all that thanks to my mom and home made pizza. YUMMY! As a bonus she got lots of gifts that she loved and oooed and ahhhhed at all the right moments. There are pictures, really, but I don't have them. I'll have to get them from my parent's camera.
Sunday my family gave me a huge break and took care of Vanessa for the day. What a nice day I had. I did pretty much nothing and loved it. The house was quiet and I worked on laundry and TV viewing. Just before dinner we were invited to my parents again. Mmmm roast beef this time. Although Eric can't say enough about the mashed potatoes, it was all really good.
We went home early to get Vanessa to bed. It was still 8:30 before she went to bed. I did the usual bedtime routine of stories and songs. For the first time since she was less than a year old she fell a sleep to my singing. What a peaceful moment. I got to watch her sleep which is extremely rare. I lingered there and thought about how everything was going to change in the next week or so and how Vanessa has really no idea. I wished my camera was in my pocket to take a picture of this peace. I managed to get off her bed and close the door without a peep from her.
I've got more to say but it's really late so I'll be back tomorrow. Good night!

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