Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cough Cough

I was very nervous that this week was going to be really rough because Vanessa was off from school. Little did I know it didn't turn out as expected. Vanessa's been great. We relaxed on Monday but Monday night was restless for me. I've come down with a serious cough that kept me up. On the plus side I had a doctors appointment Tuesday afternoon. Vanessa and I went to playgroup and Mary-Jane took her while I went to my appointment. whoo hoo. Vanessa played outside all afternoon and loved every minute with her friend from near Mary-Jane's. I talked to my OB about my cough and she gave me a prescription for Benalyn and Ventalin. She did tell me that I might have issues delivering with the ventolin so I tried to stay clear. Last night I had another restless night with was such a waste since Vanessa slept 13 hours.
Today we went to Chris and Kieran's playgroup. It was fun. Especially watching Kieran play and walk around to all the toys. We had to cut things a little early because 13 hours wasn't enough for her and I was fading. We got home for a very early nap to bad it was only for Vanessa. At 2pm I called for reinforcement. Eric was kind enough to come home and take Vanessa to fill my prescription for ventolin and get a humidifier. I took the ventolin and had a very lovely nap while Eric cleaned the kitchen and made dinner.
Tonight looks much more promising and I have a dear friend that's going to take Vanessa to playgroup for me. Hopefully I'll have a good night sleep and get something accomplished tomorrow morning. That could mean a nap or organizing baby clothes. At this rate what ever makes me feel better.

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