Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So it's Tuesday right??
Monday night was my aquaform class. I love this class and was really happy to continue it through my pregnancy. The instructor is really experienced and low key. She loves what she does and it shows. Since this is not a prenatal class, I do whatever feels good for me. Now that I'm near the end I basically go to ease my back and stretch out my muscles. As you all know we hadn't had a car for a year and I still wanted to go to this class. A really nice neighbour which was taking this class drives me. I'm so thankful.
On to later Monday night. I started contractions about 12pm and they were coming every 3-5 minutes. They weren't very strong just uncomfortable. At 1pm I woke Eric up. We've all been having trouble sleeping and he was in a deep sleep. Let's just say he wasn't impressed to be woken up for any reason. I think he might of sworn at me. After regaining his senses, he was very co-operative. I had a shower and called my mom since it's a 20 minute drive to come watch Vanessa. Well. We waited and waited and waited and my contractions were still pretty weak. I called the hospital to talk to the nurses for advice and they were still uncomfortable but not painful. Lets just say by lunch time they were much further apart and by dinner they were almost gone.
As it stands I'm still pregnant, yesterday was interesting. I felt like I put everyone at my beck and call for no reason. I joked with my mom that I was faking it and I wanted a day off and things to be done. Since we were home waiting for this baby to arrive, my mom asked to be put to work and Eric was at loose ends. My mom cleaned out my pantry and organized my spices. After dropping Vanessa off at playgroup, Eric picked up some empty spice jars so that we could get rid of those annoying but inexpensive bags. Now I can see what I have easily and I don't miss things or buy doubles. Believe it or not that relieves a lot of stress. This happened while Eric washed the bathroom.
In the afternoon, we went to the loft. Eric helped my dad organize the garage while Vanessa, my mom and I went to the park. There's a bike path from the loft to the park. It was a gorgeous day and it's a very nice park. It was great to get out. The park was dry and Vanessa was thrilled to try everything out.
We had a nice dinner then Eric was off to curling and Vanessa and I went home to go to bed early. By now my contractions are about every hour so Eric didn't need to be right by my side but he did curl with his phone on.
Yesterday was pleasant but very frustrating being in limbo like that. I got about an hour of sleep which included 20 minutes in the bathtub. I look forward to the next time being for real.

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