Sunday, March 21, 2010

School Drop off tears

On Friday, Eric had to go start work later. He offered to drive Vanessa to school. I got up with them and helped her get dressed, medicated, fed and out the door. No small feat in 45 minutes. When Eric dropped Vanessa off he gave her hugs and kisses and said, "Have fun at school. I'll see you tomorrow." (He would be working until way past her bedtime.) Vanessa walked off to play and started to think about what he said. You could see she was pretty upset. She came back to him crying. Eric finally said, "It's ok. Mommy will be coming to pick you up after lunch." To which Vanessa replied, "But she's still in her pajamas!" The teachers took Vanessa and told Eric to go. She got over it pretty quickly.
Interestingly enough, she didn't eat any snack or lunch. The teacher said she was too busy playing. She didn't even want it in the car on the way home but when dinner was pizza and a movie she gobbled it down and asked for more!

When we were getting ready to leave school, Vanessa crouched down to play with a 3 month old. She then turned around and told her mother that she was getting a little sister tomorrow. Her guess is as good as anyones. She went on and on about it. She is getting pretty excited about it but she's also demanding a little more attention than before. For two nights now she's been crying shortly after being put to bed. Which is very unusual. She just wants us to come in and be with her. Although it may be the double ear infections that bothers her when she first lies down. Fortunately, she's sleeping through the night again and after some battle of wills she's napping.

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