Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Van

Monday was spent hanging out at home for the day. We were resting up for the big event. Since I was coughing when I talked too much, I skipped swimming this week. I dropped off our rental car for the last time. Jo-Anne came to pick me up with Vanessa and Eric and we took off to Laval. In Laval we had dinner and went to the car dealer. Things went pretty smoothly there. One of the employees had Vanessa laughing enthusiastically. We brought our well loved van home. It's awesome. I keep expecting to have to take it back. It's been put to good use with trips to the curling club, Vanessa's school, playgroup and the grocery store.
We've had to put winter tires on it and I hope we'll put a license plate on it Saturday. The winter tires are really nice but hopefully we won't see how well they work in the snow until next year.

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