Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let the good times roll

Tuesday we went to playgroup and was able to go and come back when I pleased. It was like when I went by bike with Vanessa. She had slept in until 9am and we still made it there in good time and not out of breath from taking the bus and walking.
I'm not sure what happened with the rest of the day but Wednesday is pretty clear. We got up early and got ready for our first day of school. Vanessa was pretty excited. She cooperated getting dressed and even ate breakfast. I helped that Daddy was home to enjoy this with her. We got to school and she settled in in no time. She stayed for just over an hour and her teacher told me it went really well. We left before her class mates so I expected a fight but she was just dazed. She did later talk about her day. I asked her if she made friends an knew any of their names. She said Marie-France which is her teacher's name. That's a great sign. She also told me about some games they played that they sang some songs. Fantastic! she didn't know the songs because they were in French but she will. She likes saying genoux orteils from the song.
Vanessa had a short nap and then helped out with snack bags. We were getting ready for the big Valentine's Day party at playgroup. We made 20 snack bags with two bite brownies, clementines, mini-gos and a vanilla milk box. It was a fun activity and a friend of ours came over and helped.
Since we had the kids taken care of, I made the adults two carrot loaves from a new recipe and crossed my fingers.
Wednesday morning brought another wake up call and we were off to playgroup. It was a great time. We had games, food and 3 whole crafts. The kids and adults gobbled their snacks and played hard.
We came home exhausted but happy. We watched Cailliou and I suggested lunch but she complained so I had her choose between lunch and nap. She'd had such a big week that she chose nap. It was a good choice. I had to wake her up after 3 1/2 hours so we could pick up Daddy and go out for dinner for Christina's birthday. I'm glad she napped because she was a joy at dinner. I did bring her a puzzle book but we were there almost 2 hours stuffing ourselves with platters of Lebanese food.
Since my back couldn't hold me anymore, I had Eric put Vanessa to bed and I read her some stories. We have a routine that I read to her and then lie down with her to sing some songs. Lately I've been trying to skip the lying down part since it's a long way down there. Vanessa told me tonight that my tummy was better and I could lie down with her. Broke my heart so I did indulge her. She's already sharing me with her sister. I'm so glad that she's got school to call her own.

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