Saturday, February 06, 2010


Big steps for us. Yesterday morning I was telling Vanessa that we were going to take her to look at a pre-school. I talked about all the fun stuff she will be doing. I got " I don't wanna go! " Getting her out of the house for anything is always a fight. We got to the school and Vanessa said, "Bye Mommy!" We hadn't even got out of the car. Once we got in, Vanessa was ready to loose the snow suit and stay for the day.
The school is a nice size where they play in a large multi age group and then take off do fun crafts with her class of 8 that are the same age as her. She's been asked to bring a painting smock. She's going to have a very energetic and experienced teacher who was not afraid to take my unpotty trained toddler. The teacher is bilingual and it seems to be a mix of French and English students but the class is done in French. I'm thrilled Vanessa will pick up some French.
Vanessa didn't want to go home. The teacher told me not to worry about Vanessa crying when I left her there for the first time and suggested that we start with half class. I'm more concerned with taking her away while her classmates are having fun.
There's lots of music in the school. One of the teachers is a music major and plays the guitar for the kids. Awesome! Music transcends any language.
She is jumping in for the last 3rd of the session and will be there until the end of May. She starts on Wednesday for 3 mornings a week. Hopefully she'll be able to stay for lunch at least one day a week. She'll also get first dibs on next years session starting in September.
I'll try and take pictures on Wednesday.

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