Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Friday, Eric came home early and I went to the car rental agency to rent a car for the week-end. We had lots of things we wanted to do this week-end. I came back and picked up Eric and Vanessa and we headed off to buy Eric a pair of winter boots. I was fearing the worst. Stock is so low at this time of year for winter gear that I thought we'd be looking all night. We went to one store and he bought some there. Yippy! I also bought myself a pair of sunglasses that I love with Christmas money. I'm so proud I found something just for me.
We went out for dinner and then to Indigo. I got to check out bathroom books while Vanessa and Eric played with Thomas the Tank train set. By then I was exhausted so we went home after a stop at the grocery store. I rested in the car while they picked up some food.
Saturday morning was busy. We got up and had pancakes. Vanessa loves her Saturday pancakes. I think it's mostly the ritual of making them with Daddy and putting maple syrup on them that she loves since she rarely finishes one pancake.
We went off to Home Depot to look at bathroom/bedroom materials. I went armed with lots of lists and measurements for us and some snacks for Vanessa. We were there for two hours and made lots of great decisions. We came home with paint for the baby's room and paint for our room. That went so well that we were hopeful and went to the tile store with Vanessa. That didn't go as well since she was loose in the store and there were lots of fun things to touch and feel and walk on. We had one meltdown which looked exactly like another child's behavior. It must be the store. We did find tile that we both loved for the bathroom floor. That was amazing since I had no idea what I wanted for the floor when we went in.
We headed over to McDonald's so Vanessa could spend time with her friends. It was a great lunch. They all played well together but had very little to eat. Vanessa did however walk out of the play area holding the hand of a 15month old. The two of them were found at the outside door. Vanessa told Eric that they were going for a walk.
We dropped Vanessa off at her "New" Grandma's house with a her favorite movie, Cars in case she got restless. Unfortunately, she saw it and wanted to watch it the minute we got there. We went off to another tile store. This tile store had the bathtub surround tile that I wanted but nothing for the floor. We bought the tile we liked and are thrilled. We went back to the other store and bought the floor tile and called it a day.
When we were picking up Vanessa, we were told that she actually asked for both of us. I picked her up and she wouldn't let go. She was pretty warm too so I knew something was up. We got home and took her temperature. It was over 103 but she had no other symptoms. We gave her some Tylenol and it came down to a manageable 101. I was happy with that but still not sure what she had. I posted her status on Facebook and Corey responded that it could be her molars coming in. Sure enough I looked at her gums and they were white. Funny how she never mentioned this even when prompted. After another dose of Tylenol we put her down for a good night sleep. She slept well but woke up a little early. Her temperature was still 101 but she had much better spirits so we decided to head off to Chateau Montebello as planned for brunch. It was a 50th birthday week-end for Ronald and we were going up to surprise him. We put in the DVD player for Vanessa, stopped off for hot chocolate and coffee and off we went. We switched it up a little and she watched the Curious George movie with headsets. Amazing invention which allows us to listen to our music and enjoy the drive.
We did surprise Ronald and had a great brunch. Vanessa was pretty good. I was asked what I did for her to behave so well. I told them she was born that way. Ohh and she was given everything she asked for and had the attention of many adults.
We had a lovely meal and went for a walk. We had planned to go inner tubing but it closed to early. I didn't bring Vanessa's new skates because her patience were running thin last night and she still had a fever. Pamela went skating with Mary-Jane. Vanessa quickly decided that was fun and wanted to try it out. We bit the bullet and rented skates for Vanessa. That was a great idea. She was a pro!

Above are pictures Vanessa took with her camera. Make sure you check out the one with the cool effect.
Vanessa had to be dragged off the ice so we could return the skates and make our way back home. We had a nice quite drive home and dinner before we all went to be really early. What a nice day.
Vanessa's fever is pretty much gone today. Yesterday she developed a rash on her torso which is a mystery to me but it doesn't seem to bother her. We'll have to check it out tomorrow and make sure it's gone. We've also had two days with really long naps. That makes everyone happy!


  1. a budding photographer... you should print some for her memory book

  2. CHristina9:12 pm

    i cant see the bottom two videos

  3. Christine10:49 pm

    Which one is supposed to have a cool effect?