Friday, January 22, 2010

Pregnancy Update

It's still very surreal being pregnant. I thought that doing this for the second time it would sink in a little more. It's a huge change in our lives like with Vanessa. This time around is completely different. Food wise I can eat anything I want with no aversions which is fun but I am completely craving junk food. This baby will come out wanting McDonald's but I hope that she has a varied pallet like her big sister. Baby's tests show she's healthy but I've put on more weight than with Vanessa. Two ob appointments ago my doctor wasn't too worried but she said, "You should cut out the cheese." as I was walking away from her office in reference to my weight. Hun? How about the Big Macs that goes with the cheese? Very strange comment.
This baby has evicted us from our office. We've put our office in the living room. It's now a real corner office but without the view. At least the mess is getting smaller and smaller. Since the laz-y-boy has been moved up to the babies room, our living room actually looks bigger despite its new dual purpose. Once the surfaces are cleared off I might actually post some pictures. We're thrilled with the reorganization. It's nice to have the computer in the middle of the home.
I find that my back is very fragile and my energy level is low. I don't remember feeling this way with Vanessa however I didn't have the demands of a young child the first time. I spent all day sitting on my butt at work and I came home and had a nap while Eric made dinner. Now those were the days!
A little on Vanessa. I remember when she turned 6 months our world had changed dramatically. She started eating solid foods which she loved and she napped twice a day. Until then she was a fantastic sleeper at night but wouldn't nap on her own. She only napped laying on me or in a wrap. Around Christmas time this year we've had a new change in our daily lives which is just as dramatic. (sorry not potty trained yet) She now plays on her own! It's a combination of her age, new independence and the fact that we gave her her own playroom in the basement. Her toys are mostly in one place. It's her own little bit of the house. Her room is too small for toys so she has only stuffed animals and books there. The basement has everything else. She drags people down there to play with her. That's also new. She instigates games now. It's not the adults always wondering what to play with her. Lately she's been asking us to play cars with her. I was shocked when she sat down and finished a whole puzzle with me. She can almost do a whole puzzle on her own. She's growing up fast and I'm thinking that I might be able to handle two kids at once. It's not all roses thought. This new independence has brought it's share of meltdowns. My sweet little girl that I could bring anywhere now doesn't like going anywhere. I fight her most mornings to go to playgroup and then have to fight her to leave. She can't seem to see that where we're going, where ever that may, be could possible be better than where she is now. She is still sweet and easy going for the most part.
Our little one is full of words and expressions. I'm going to try and get them down on the net. She said: "that's a close one" when she put her bagel on the plate. "Bother it" which I think is "don't bother with it".
Icing on the cake was today she opened the bathroom door while her dad was peeing. She said,"You don't pee standing up. You have to sit down. Like I told you." I couldn't stop laughing.
I'm not sure how much Vanessa is aware that she's going to have a little sister. I keep interjecting it into the conversation. The other day she walked into the very empty room and told me it was the baby's room which was accurate. She's just processing in all the information. I have little doubt that she'll make a great sister. It's going to be an exciting spring.

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