Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nice Week-end

We're making the last decisions on our bathroom. We picked it out at the store on Thursday to have it shipped on Saturday. We went to pay for it all and their system went down down. Since we had not had dinner and Vanessa was with us, we asked them if we could pay tomorrow morning. They agreed. I went home and took some measurements. It looks like the door wasn't going to fit or the linen closet so when we went back in the morning they were happy to take it off our order. Looks like Eric's going to have to make custom shelving.
We had all the big stuff shipped off to the loft. On Saturday Eric went to the loft to meet the truck. Before he left I told him they were going to drop off our stuff first or last. Luck was on our side and we got our stuff before 9 am. Yippy! For insurance reasons they do not deliver inside. Eric had moved all of the small stuff in by himself and as luck would have it Ronald showed up to set up for his "Industrial Jam" so they helped each other out. Eric made it back in time to take Vanessa to swimming.
Eric took Joel to the car show. They go every year and have a good time. Eric drooled and picked out the car that would make the most sense for our lifestyle but not our budget. He'd like a Dodge Grand Caravan with all the bells and whistles. He enjoyed all the antique cars and the concept cars. I got to see lots of fun pictures. I was lucky he wasn't gone for long and Vanessa napped for most of it.
Last night I called Christine and asked if she would take Vanessa today. She agreed. She had been generously offering for quite some time now and I've been managing well. Today I'm taking it really easy and trying to get over a cold. What a luxury to only worry about me for a day. Eric is curling most of the day and I'm sure Vanessa is having a great time.

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