Thursday, January 28, 2010

fun news

Things are going OK. Baby is growing. At least I hope that's why I can't stand up straight and I waddle a lot. Two months and counting...
We've had a pretty good week. Eric's been pretty busy and Vanessa and I needed to get out. I took her to McDonald's for some fun and food. She makes friends so easily. It's really nice to see. She was in the play area with a 6 year old having a grand old time. We arrived there around 6 pm and much to my surprise she came up to me at 7:15 and said, "It's time to go." in a happy tone. I've never picked up my stuff so fast to leave. I was just dreading telling her it was time leave.
Life is going to be dramatically different around here. Not only will the addition of a second girl but we're ending our car free life. We've learned a lot about living without a car like taking the bus can make some trips easier. Eric has learned that he can cut his bus time in at least half by using google instead of the rtl site and makes it a viable way. He also enjoys riding to work when there's no snow on the ground. I have found I can manage with less as Vanessa grows up. We've taken many fun bus trips and we will continue to due so. We also love our bike trips. It gave me some time to exercise, Vanessa got fresh air and often some sleep.
Having said all of this, the extra bundle of joy makes us change our strategy. The baby won't be biking with us until next summer. Bumming rides from friends and family is more complicated with two children and car seats and I'm starting to feel like we're imposing. We have lots of friends that aren't busing distance who will be home. All this makes me feel a little trapped so we're buying a car. Actually, we're looking at a used mini-van just like my parents. We're so excited.
Another fun note is that Vanessa is into puzzles these days. We got a whole bunch from an friend of ours and she can do them one after another. She needs some encouragement but she's catching on fast. It's awesome. We're finding more things to do together that involve sitting quietly. She now likes to draw/colour occasionally. We made and mailed thank you cards. She coloured the cards and put stamps on the envelopes. To bad they were decorative so I bought bigger envelopes to be able to insert hers and some pictures. For the people locally they're here waiting to be delivered. I'm beginning to think that two girls is manageable for me.

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