Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eric got played

Vanessa just played her Daddy. She started crying at 9:45 which is really unusual so he went to check on her. It's really windy so I think that's what woke her. That and the 3 1/2 hour nap today doesn't help. She played inconsolable so he brought her to see me. She turned the tears off and wanted to play. Sneaky! I played one on her and asked her to walk me up to bed and she went pretty willingly. I'm blogging from my bedroom for the first time. I'm loving this laptop situation. This pregnancy thing has it's advantages. Vanessa insists on holding my hand in the stairs for my benefit. When I get up from the couch it takes me a little while to straighten my back. Vanessa asked me if I wanted her to kiss it better. I asked what she was going to kiss and she said, "Your leg." She has been complaining a lot lately that her leg hurts. Ohh the sympathy pains. :-)

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