Monday, January 11, 2010

Major Renovation

I can't believe we're actually going to do it. Little by little.
1. paint the baby's room. I've been madly reallocating everything in our office. Some of it went to the garbage, some went to a second hand store, some of it is in a box for later but most of it was recycled. So much that the recycle truck didn't pick it all up. Hmph.
2. Move our bed and whatever else from our room fits into the baby's room.
3. Build a walk-in closet in our room and enlarge the bathroom. Eric's reward will be a "TV" in the bedroom.
4. Paint our bedroom. We haven't painted it yet. The paint they used was a horrible job with plain white. I'm still not sure what colour I'll go with.
5. Move back into our bedroom.
6. Buy everything for the bathroom. Hopefully before Feb 1st when we have to apply for the tax credit.
6. Redo our bathroom
7. Set up the babies room.
8. Welcome our new baby girl.

I would be happy if we got to step 5 before the baby arrives. Two out of three rooms done in 2 months. That would be fantastic. I've got it all planned in my head.
The baby's room is going to be a beige with vinyl stickers to liven it up. The assortment of stickers is overwhelming. Some glow in the dark others are chalkboards and the others come in every colour of the rainbow. You can even send in pictures to make as Vinyl art. Good thing it's an easy job. I think I'll get settled into the room with the baby and then choose.

The baby's ETA is March 25th. What a time crunch and I'm not much help to Eric. I can feed him while he works. I better make all of his favorites!

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