Friday, January 08, 2010

I should have posted earlier...

The end of the trip went well. Vanessa only got into major trouble twice. We were not impressed, to say the least, when she purposefully dumped a coffee press on the new couch on the boat or the circles she drew on the sheets. We both loved being there with the grandparents but the close quarters got to both of us. I had a breakdown and asked my parents to take Vanessa away for the morning. Vanessa was thrilled to go out for a ride and to go swimming on the beach. She loves the waves and the sand. She was impressed with herself when she put the shells on the bottom and filled it with sand to turn it over and find them on the top.
We had fun walking through Stuart, eating ice cream and playing at the park. It's so much fun trying new ice cream parlours. I had Key Lime ice cream and it was delicious. I'm so excited to be able to try and make my own flavours.
Our last day we went to Costco and West Palm Beach Mall to buy some last minute gifts that couldn't be found at home and went to a Haggen Das ice cream parlour. Yum some more. This was a huge mall. I wish I had the energy to check out more of the stores. This baby's going to come out craving ice cream. My mom and I separated since I was going to sit down and share my ice cream with Vanessa. We had some more time to kill so I walked Vanessa down the mall and found a shoe store. She went into the store and pulled out the whitest high heeled. I found some very sweet Mary-Janes that were nice leather. I bought them and went to meet my parents. My mom had picked out the same shoes in this huge mall and thought they'd be nice and sent my dad to find me so I could buy them. LOL.
The both of our flights home were delayed by a short time. Vanessa only ran off on me in the airport once. Thank goodness for some nice lady who offered to help me out and watch Vanessa while I gather our things after security. She put on her shoes with her. I was really grateful to her. It took nothing out of her day but it meant the world to me.
Vanessa stayed awake until the car ride home at 2:20 in the morning. We were happy to be home in the Christmas spirit.

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