Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

Vanessa has come up with some real gems. For a while now here sentence structure and vocabulary have been quite good but now she's more able to recall and tell stories. Here are a few worth noting and sharing.
The other day we got a ride home with one of Vanessa's friends from playgroup. It was very generous of her and much appreciated. The little boy got into the car with Vanessa and said,"Watch your penis!". I giggled and then they explained that while clipping him into the car seat they caught his very sensitive area. I can totally understand why he was concerned. Since this is not a word in Vanessa's vocab she replied, "Mary-Jane and Ronald have peanuts." I roared! she repeated it several times while I explained that her aunt and uncle feed the blue jays shelled peanuts and we all laughed.
We've been trying to explain to Vanessa that I'm pregnant. She does understand that something's going on and Mommy doesn't have the same energy as before but she's a little fussy on the details...One night she gave me a kiss and then kissed my tummy and said, "That's for you to feel better." She then heard Daddy's stomach gurgle and went up to it and kissed it,"That's for the baby." By the time the baby is due she'll have it sorted out. :-)
Vanessa has a tough time napping on the week-end since there's so much going on and Daddy's home so Eric went up to read her a book and settle her down so she would have the energy to go trick-or-treating.
Vanessa: Daddy, can I ask you a question?
Eric: Yes... Vanessa.
Vanessa: Daddy, can I ask you a question?
Eric: Yes, Vanessa. I'm listening.
Vanessa: Do you like your kids?
Eric: Of course, I love my kids.
We have no idea where that came from but I'm pretty sure it wasn't about her and her imagination's getting the best of her.
And today... Eric and my dad were at the loft working on the roof, among other things. Vanessa and I were at Grandma's and we were trying to get her ready to go. Like most preschooler's transitioning from one activity is cause for a tantrum. She tried to get my mom to come to the loft with us and insisted she put on her coat. We explained that Grandma was busy and Grandpa didn't need her help. She finally pleaded,"but Grandpa loves you!" WOW that one through us the furthest.

Soon I'll post about Halloween and H1N1 Vaccine. Ohhh and I mustn't forget the gastroenteritis.

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