Monday, October 26, 2009

This week is over!

Vanessa's on the mend. She slept through the night but woke up early coughing. Huge improvement from the night before. I forgot to mention the other injuries Vanessa incurred last week.
I was sitting at the table and out of the corner of my eye I saw Vanessa trip and land forehead first into the outside corner of the wall. I was sure that it was going to be a bloody mess but when I went to pick her up I saw only a bruise. Believe it or not I cheered her up by giving her orange pepper.
Later on in the week I was going to make her a special treat with dippy eggs. I put them into my egg cooker. She opened it up and got 2nd degree burns on the outside of her index finger. I put it under cold water and she was no longer bothered by it. Later on Eric noticed that there was a huge blister so we bandaged her up. It still doesn't seem to bother her and the blister has since popped.
One last thing... I'm not sure what happened but she seemed to be going down the stairs carefully and the next thing we knew she fell down about 8 stairs to the basement.
Vanessa is not accident prone usually so I'm glad the week is over and looking for a couple of accident free day.
On the upside I bought Vanessa a nice puzzle game that she loves. Whoo hoo. one for Mommy.

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