Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rough end of week

This past couple of days exemplifies how the world revolves around your children. Vanessa had two cold free days before getting this doozy. It's a cough with runny nose. She's in great spirits until the end of the day rolls around and the lack of sleep catches up with her. Especially before dinner. She has no fever and is eating well so we thought we didn't need to go to the clinic...
Yesterday she started coughing and couldn't catch her breath. It was terrifying so we took her to the hospital to find out she had laryngitis and there's absolutely nothing we can do for her. The good thing is that the minute she saw the nurse she stopped coughing which she had been doing every 10 seconds to 1 minute over the last 24 hours.
On the upside she only coughed a few times last night and we went in and gave her some water and put her back to bed.
On a happy note, I was never so happy to come home to a nice hot dinner cooked in my slow cooker. Vanessa wasn't impressed but Eric and I sure were. After dinner, we went down stairs to watch a movie. Vanessa wanted to sit on my lap but couldn't settle down. All this time inside at home is getting to her so I brought down her her eating chair and some dessert. Rice pudding! home made of course. She gobbled that down since she wasn't so interested in dinner.
Today we're going nap free. Oh my! Eric just took her outside in the "warm" weather to ride her trike.
Pictures to come hopefully. We've been a little lazy about getting it out and finding the the batteries.

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