Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gastro... YUK!

Vanessa was "healthy" for 2 days when she came home from swimming with puke everywhere. Sunday was messy and she had a fever. Monday she only had a fever but nothing to worry about. She's big enough to find something to throw up in which makes it a little easier for both of us. She's been quite the trooper. We've known for months that she can't take juice. In one end and out the other in record time so she's been drinking milk and water but now with the flu I'm having troubles getting her to drink. She's getting fed up of water but she's liking the PEDIALYTE frozen pops.
Yesterday we thought she was out of the woods. Two days since any symptoms so we went out. While we were at my parents and I was taking a nap, Vanessa threw up. My mom said she got some on the carpet and then removed her African Violet and pot out of the bowl and puked the rest there. Sometimes it's the little things that make you proud...
One of the reasons we were out was to get our H1N1 vaccine. We had gone in the morning without Vanessa to get a time to go back. I'm so glad they got their act together but there's still room for improvement. Vanessa in the last two weeks had seen one of her favorite shows talk about vaccination so when we went to get our shots I reminded her of the show. By the time we got there she was excited to get her vaccination. We were in and out in 75 minutes. Not bad at all and Vanessa sat in her stroller content with relaxing and eating her apple. I was prepared for the worst like waiting outside for a few hours and didn't have to pull out any tricks.
Vanessa has to go back for her booster and Eric will be eligible for his then. I'll be able to send them on their own.

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