Friday, July 03, 2009

Potty training stress

A couple of months ago Vanessa couldn't sleep one night. There was lots of wining and some crying. She just couldn't get comfortable. It's a well known fact that Vanessa loves her sleep and alone time in her room so it was surprising. We went downstairs to try and sleep in the laz-y-boy chair and it didn't go much better. I needed to go pee but she wouldn't leave my side so she came along. She asked to use the potty and peed in it like it was nothing. There was a little arguing about putting the diaper back on and she went to bed and slept until morning. Strange...Very strange.
Two nights ago she also had lots of troubles sleeping after a huge day. She was hot but unwilling to take off her warm pjs or let me turn the A/C on. She finally let me take her bottoms off and I turned on the A/C. The next morning she got up and asked to go potty. We tried out potty training for the day and I now know she can hold it in. She only went in her diaper at nap time and right before bed. Ohh what to do? We'll see how today goes.
I'm beginning to wonder if potty training is stressing her out. She hadn't asked to use the potty for months and then one restless night and she and her baby are wearing underwear. All we need to do is convince her to go in the potty and not just play.

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  1. Christina9:26 am

    Good job Vanessa!!.. you can do it